Our Manifesto

  • We believe the world is a beautiful place; and everyone can benefit from an extra dose of fabulousness in their daily lives – your home should surround you with things you absolutely love!
  • We believe in nothing less than extraordinary.
  • We believe in Feng Shui.
  • We believe that small budgets are not the enemy of great design! We find amazing pieces at back alley flea markets and Berdorfs!
  • We believe that design creates culture, culture creates values, and values create the future.
  • We believe in maximalism and monumentalism! Bigger is better – live loud!
  • We believe in statement jewelry (even on casual days…).
  • We believe in rescuing animals.
  • We believe colors don’t clash.
  • We believe entertaining should be rustic, casual, edgy, seasonal, fresh, elegant and most importantly fun!
  • We believe that if you go home with someone and they don’t have any books , you shouldn’t sleep with them!
  • We believe that inspiring moments live everywhere if you only keep your eyes open!
  • We truly believe that we can help YOU achieve the home and style of your dreams!