Image Consulting


Closet Audits

Do you need help organizing, editing, styling and looking fabulous in what you already own? This is the perfect service for you. We can show you how to put together amazing outfits with your existing wardrobe and help edit the unneeded and unwearable pieces from your closet. This is truly a custom tailored service to your individual needs.

Personal Shopping

Shop with a professional to update and add to your current wardrobe.  We will sit down and talk about your goals and a full day of shopping and outfitting will occur within your budget. Shopping should be exciting, pampering, and a feel good experience; be prepared to walk away happy and feeling great.

Creative Styling

Our fashion styling is an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary, textured and delicate, architectural and conceptual, and masculine and feminine. Art direction, editorials, advertisements, catwalk, and personal branding are some examples of our image consulting and styling services.

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