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Wow! We are finally here. The launch of our new website and the initiation of our Rock House Style blog! It’s been a long time coming and there is still much work to do in the future to constantly grow and evolve our business, but we are SO excited to finally have an online outlet to connect with YOU and share all of our passions and experience in the professional design and fashion industry.

We are visual creatures! We love surrounding ourselves with beautiful things, things that remind us of places we’ve been and people we’ve met who left imprints on our souls, things that make us laugh and dance, and things that remind us of all that we grateful for in our lives. Our goal is to design our most fabulous lives, lives in which we are being inspired and inspiring daily, learning new things at every chance possible, challenging ourselves to constantly grow and radiate light and positivity to all those around us; our friends, our families, our dogs and our natural surroundings. Even our wardrobes and our homes should have life, vibrating with uniqueness, personality and memories contained in the pieces we fill them with… our homes should be our ultimate sanctuaries, welcoming us back after a long day, enveloping us in a silent hug, saying ‘we are here to support and nurture you, we know who you are and we are a reflection of all you’ve been through and long to be – you are beautiful, you are safe, you are home!’

We are so fortunate and excited to share our stories, our knowledge and our passion for all things “fabulous living” with YOU in our new blog. We promise to divulge to you our favourite interior designer secrets and tricks, our fashion and beauty regimes and tips, our beloved entertaining and health ideas and recipes, and of course, our influencers and inspirational friend’s advice and wisdom for living in style.

We hope you will grow to love the Rock House Style blog, as much as we do! We hope you will get to us and most importantly, be able to infuse something learnt on these pages into your daily life to better the way you live, the way you feel about yourself or the way you think about the world. We want to hear from you too! Please always feel free to email us at info@rockhousestyle.com or connect with us on our facebook page, www.facebook.com/rockhousestyle.

Welcome to the Rock House family! A glimpse into our world….

xo Sam & Cher