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The owners of the illustrious Okanagan-based interior design firm, Rock House Style, describe their approach to design as unpredictable, luxuriously sophisticated and edgy.


Cheryll Gillespie and Sam Shakura travel the world sourcing for their clients; their global perspectives fuel their unique aesthetic, drawing from diverse locations and including antiques of China as fervently as they include contemporary art from New York City in their work.


“We want each space to be beautiful, functional and have soul,” said Shakura.



This waterfront home in the picturesque and prestigious Green Bay Estate community in West Kelowna for which they applied their talents is a perfect example. It can be described in many ways — soft, romantic, traditional, feminine with an edge. The elegant interior celebrates the inherent charm found in natural objects and materials with patina and character. The home-owner wanted an oasis from life as a busy professional so she brought in her luxury interior specialists, Cheryll & Sam to create her personal sanctuary. Feng Shui was used in the whole home to create a harmonious space (something Cheryll & Sam always employ after 25 years of experience, as well as several years of working in Asia on high end residential, commercial and healthcare projects).


The home is livable luxury at its finest, featuring elements that create a cohesive peaceful atmosphere that’s as sensuous and velvety soft as it is dramatic and elegant.


Some of the features of this lakeside estate include:

  • An 11-foot exotic Chamcha wood dining table;
  • Gorgeous silk draperies;
  • Semi-precious clear quartz crystal wall art installation by Rock House Style;
  • Custom black metal chandelier, also designed by Gillespie and Shakura;
  • Hand-painted 100% silk artisan wallpaper;
  • “Wild-at-Heart” neon art;
  • Ingeniously hidden electronics, tucked behind ornately carved mirrors;
  • A solid marble bathtub underneath a genuine shell chandelier.

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Photography by: and Sam Shakura